Is Now the Time to Invest in Bitcoin? — Beginner Bitcoin

Joy to the bitcoin hodlers of the world, Christmas day 2020 saw a record all time high over 24.6K. But is this joy short-lived or does Bitcoin have a promising future entering into 2021?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering.., when is the right time to buy bitcoin? Is it scam, a fad, or is it here to stay?

Here are three reasons why crypto-enthusiasts world-wide believe that now could be the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin.

1. Hard-Capped Supply

Bitcoin (BTC) is a limited digital resource. The mysterious creator of bitcoin pre-determined the supply of BTC that will ever be released into the world. 21 million may seem like a large number, but when you consider that today there are 47 million millionaires on the planet, there isn’t even enough bitcoin to spread into the hands of the wealthiest people on the planet. As institutional adoption grows, is is believed that BTC will be in short supply, thus making it a valuable asset to have in your hands, erm, digital hands.

Bitcoin is often referred to as one of the best hedges against inflation, being compared to gold. Could it hurt to have a little BTC in your wallet over the next decade? If you believe the hype, probably not.

2. Institutional Investment is Happening Fast

Three years ago as crypto-evangelists rejoiced over the parabolic moves BTC and other cryptocurrencies made, institutional investors were famously sour on the tech. But as 2021 approaches, investment firms are joining the party, accumulating bitcoin slowly but surely.

Recognition by large firms such as Pantera Capital and Grayscale give value and confidence around the entire cryptocurrency space as an asset class for regular people.

The TLDR: if major institutions are investing in Bitcoin, it is worth it do some research for yourself.

3. Retail Adoption Remains Slow

Despite the hype around BTC, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, the adoption of this technology by the masses remains small. Most people (let’s be honest, you’re one of them) don’t understand the importance of Bitcoin or blockchain. Why would anyone invest in something they don’t understand? It doesn’t help that crypto-enthusiasts are often unintelligible when they try to help regular joes and janes understand what a bitcoin is.

And the use-cases for this technology are not widely known outside of the blockchain world, even a simple way to get started is lost on regular folk. That is why Beginner-Bitcoin was started, so that the masses can understand and participate in this wonderful technology.

While retail adoption is slow, a number of major industries ( supply chain, real estate, among others) are seeing this technology fundamentally change the way they do business.

Being an early adopter of BTC puts you ahead of the curve.

What to Do Now?

Obviously, we can’t tell you that Now is a great time to buy Bitcoin, as we are not in the business of making your decisions for you. This article (or our website) is not investment advice. Do your own research, speak with your financial advisor and make your own personal decisions.

Most beginners in the US like to start with Coinbase as it is a friendly and reputable exchange that makes an effort to educate its users. If you already own a Coinbase account, be sure to check out our 2 page eBook on earning free Cryptocurrency (no tricks here) to take advantage of a all that the platform has to offer.

Originally published at on December 25, 2021.



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